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We have loved working with Australian Beef showing our love for the delicious protein, creating simple quick and easy recipes for the everyday cook to enjoy with family.

Australian beef is our favourite meat, with so many cuts to choose from it allows us to make delicious recipes. Our 30-minute recipes focus on the ease and versatility of Beef and take us back to our childhood and the dishes we grew up on.

All recipes are for beef lovers who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. If you love beef as much as we do, then these recipes are for you.

Beef Rainbow Salad

Us Greeks love our meat especially beef, we also can’t live without olive oil, lemon and oregano and that’s why we made a simple dressing to go with this beautiful salad.

As kids we grew up in a big Greek family, mum loved making us beef moussaka, whilst yiayia ( our grandma)  cooked the traditional after school meal- spaghetti Bolognese, she always used beef mince, it’s full of good fats and made the Bolognese salsa super delicious.

This dish is perfect all year round, it’s light, full of vitamins and celebrates whole food and nutrition. Australian beef is seriously the greatest meat on earth. Eat more beef and happy cooking.

Here is the full recipe


Beef Rainbow salad image (2)

Ricotta gnocchi with beef sausages

Gnocchi is so easy to make, especially when it’s covered in a rich beef sausage ragu. This recipe would have to be one of our favourite go to comfort dishes – a humble bowl of goodness.

Beef sausages are not just for the BBQ, they can do so much more. It’s as easy as removing the skin from the sausage and pulling out the meat. By frying off the meat you allow all those delicious flavours to come out. We added a tomato salsa to the beef allowing it to cook nice and slow.

This recipe deserves a nice glass of red wine. Especially on a Sunday we make recipes that feed the soul. If you love gnocchi as much as we do, then you’ll love this recipe.

Here is the full recipe

Ricotta gnocchi with beef sausages image

Beef and Pumpkin stew

When we think stew we think a humble bowl of goodness.

Winter is coming and so are the extra kilos and we all know how much we love to stay in and do nothing. Buts let’s be real, if we have a delicious bowl of beef stew packed with our favourite wholesome vegetables then it isn’t so bad.

We’ve used beef rump in this recipe a cut of meat we grew up eating. Growing up in a Greek family we still managed to eat the good old 3 meat and veg, and we ate beef at least 3 times a week. This recipe brings back good memories soaking up the juices with a crispy slice of bread. Beef and bread go hand in hand!

Here is the full recipe

Beef and Pumpkin Stew image